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Karl’s Driving School

15 Feb, 2017

Karl’s Driving School

Karl’s Driving School’s ethos is simple, we will try to get all our pupils to test standard in as quick a time as possible. This will take into consideration your ability and our efforts to make your driving as safe as possible for long term driving safety. Remember driving is for life not just for passing a test.
The driving process is thorough and forms part of a syllabus designed for long term driving skills by the DVSA. A responsible thoughtful attitude is crucial.

The process is simple and follows these rules:

  • Learn controls;
  • Learn to stop and start including in an emergency;
  • Learning to use mirrors correctly;
  • Learn to correctly manoeuvre around junctions;
  • Traffic Lights and Town procedure.
  • Turn in the road using first and reverse gears;
  • Reverse around a corner;
  • Reverse into a parking bay
  • Reverse back into a space behind another vehicle.
  • Dual Carriageway driving.
  • Out of town driving.
  • Independent driving.
  • Test Route analysis.

1.Instructors diary

To start with, each trainee includes a special log where he records all routines completed by the courses and educational routines. This document is applied to the record, so trying to keep an appointment book as a vital tool for the entire training.


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